Hello, I'm Bill Bissonnette, the producer of most of the music you'll hear on JAZZ CRUSADE records. I've produced and supervised over a hundred  New Orleans jazz recording sessions  which have appeared on JC, GHB, American Music, Pearl, Center, Biograph, Memories, Jazzogie and other labels. I'll be your guide to the website you're at now. This site is where you will get a chance to browse through our JAZZ CRUSADE catalog,  actually hear samples of our sessions, find out  where to get our CDs, book and videos, make comments or suggestions to us,  review CDs you've purchased and even sign up for a free year of our JAZZ CRUSADE NEWSLETTER by sending us e-mail. 

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Jazz Crusade Records sold to
Upbeat Recordings—England

In 1990 I restarted Jazz Crusade and since then I have issued 130 albums. I have now been retired from music for almost 10 years. Over the years I have established a wonderful business relationship with Upbeat Recordings—England. They have been one of the most active supporters of the Jazz Crusade label. Therefore, when I was approached by them with an offer to buy Jazz Crusade Records, I accepted it. They promised, as part of the written agreement, to keep the label intact under the Jazz Crusade Records name and to keep every album available to collectors. Jazz Crusade Records is now the sole property of Upbeat Recordings—England.

We are still in the process of updating the website information. In the meantime all current pricing information on this site is incorrect as is the U. S. address and the email address. Updating information will be announced when ready. B3.

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