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Boxell's Traditional Jazz Website
One of the very best traditional jazz sites. The reviews are intelligent and witty.

Ambia Jazz
A great European source for hot jazz..

Ken Colyer Unofficial Page
This is an interesting site if you are of the Ken Colyer persuasion. One of the best things about it is it is NOT official.

Jazz UK--Musician's Directory
Not a site for everybody, but if you are a British musician or like British jazz, it will tell you who is who.

Kings Jazz Review
An excellent British site telling you who's playing where and features good reviews--but written in a form that is sometimes hard to decipher.

Trombone Page of the World
A very large list of trombonists throughout the world.

Jazzology/GHB/American Music
This site is seldom up-to-date but it does have numerical listings of all of George Buck's labels to within the last 6 months. Of course these include the 1960s JAZZ CRUSADE albums.

Hot 5 Jazzmakers
Hot jazz Canadian style. The Jazzmakers are Jazz Crusade recording artists.

The Jazzgazette
A welcome new online magazine published monthly and dedicated to New Orleans jazz. Well written and edited by jazz experts Marcel Joly and Jempi DiDonder.

The Mississippi Rag
America’s leading traditional jazz monthly newpaper. Articles on all areas of old jazz and many reviews.

An excellent all around jazz site covering all types of jazz right up to the current styles. Excellent reviewing by Richard Boucier.

Jazz Oracle Records
Our good friend Colin Bray’s record label from Canada. Features many excellent albums by obscure bands from the 20s.

Another great review site for all jazz formats. Reviews by David Nathon.

A great source for news, links, information and more, all related to New Orleans and Louisiana music.

The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord
An amazing - but expensive - jazz discography covering all fields of jazz recordings from - forever.

Norrie Cox's Traditional Jazz Website
A detailed jazz timeline of the New Orleans jazz "revival period", and news about Norrie's jazz band.

The Emanuel Paul Website
A marvelous website devoted to the great New Orleans jazz saxophonist Manny Paul run by our good friend Jean-Pierre Alessi of France.

Sweet Mary Cat
The excellent band from Lyon, France which Big Bill often tours with. Photos & sound clips too!


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