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JCCD-3109: Rare Cuts - Well Done Vol. 8 - “Great Clarinet Players”
Albert Nicholas, Edmond Hall, George Lewis

Albert Nicholas [cl], avec L’orchestre d’ Andre Reweliotty
Songs: Moonglow, Deep River, I’m Confessin’, Moi Pas L’Aime Ca, Sensation

Personnel: Edmond Hall [cl], Ralph Sutton [pn], Walter Page [sbs], Charlie Lodis [dm]
Songs: Oh Baby, Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives to Me, Sweet & Lovely, I’ve Found A New Baby, Up Jumped You with Love, Keeping Out of Mischief Now, Saint Louis Blues

Personnel: George Lewis [cl], P. T. Stanton [ct], Dick Oxtot [bn], Leias Sharpton [sbs], Barbara Dane [v]
Songs: Smiles, Mecca Flat Blues, Should I?, Glory of Love, Good Morning Blues, Till We Meet Again

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JCCD-3109: Rare Cuts - Well Done Vol. 8 - “Great Clarinet Players”
Albert Nicholas, Edmond Hall, George Lewis

Just Jazz—British jazz magazine

The beginning of the twentieth century not only signaled the beginnings of a new art form, Jazz, it was also the time of the birth of some of our greatest jazz musicians. Included in there was a long list of New Orleans-style clarinet players, and this CD brings the listener three of those, Albert Nicholas, Edmond Hall, and George Lewis.
Before we all get on our soap boxes, it can never be claimed that George Lewis was a great technician, never used fancy arrangements, and was sometimes to be found playing not in the best of circumstances. But he did maintain an exquisite tone, and with the possible exception of Louis Armstrong, he may well be the most copied jazz musician in history. On this CD he can be heard playing with some young 'West Coast' New Orleans-style musicians, probably when George was touring in California, somewhere he travelled often. The musicians acquit themselves well, with RT. Stanton playing some very nice cornet. RT. is the brother of 'Just Jazz's' correspondent Jerry Stanton.
Edmond Hall has the experienced support of Ralph Sutton (piano) and Walter Page (bass), and fortunately Ed's playing is so forthright, you can forgive the rather uninspiring drumming of Charlie Lodice. Nevertheless, here is a master at work, and his version of Sweet And Lovely is first class.
Which now brings me to the opening five tracks of the CD, with another master class on New Orleans-style playing from Albert Nicholas. I listened to the CD in the car, had not read the sleeve notes, and was unaware of the band 'Nick' was playing with. On listening, I was keen to find out, because they were pretty good, and they were giving wonderful support to the clarinettist, who is on excellent form, and is well recorded. To my surprise it was the L'Orchestre d'Andre Reweliotty, and was recorded in France in 1953. There again, it shouldn't have surprised me, as 'Nick' did spend a lot of his last twenty years living and working in Europe, and Andre's band was one he frequently worked with. The minus point about these recordings is that we only get five tunes from them -1 would have liked to have heard some more. Maybe next time, Bill? Excellent stuff, and if readers haven't got the previously mentioned tracks, then this is a first class purchase.
- Peter Lay

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