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JCCD-3072: Rare Cuts - Well Done Vol. 3 -
Paul Barbarin/Wilbur DeParis

Personnel: Paul Barbarin [drums], John Brunious [trumpet], Willie Humphrey [clarinet], Bobby Thomas [trombone], Lester Santiago [piano], Danny Barker [banjo]
Songs: Gettysburg March, Screaming the Blues, Lily of the Valley, First Choice, Tiger Rag, Li'l Liza Jane, Careless Love, The Second Line, When I Was A Little Child, When the Saints Go Marching In, Hindustan

Personnel: Wilbur DeParis [trombone], Sidney DeParis [trumpet], Omer Simeon [clarinet], Sonny White [piano], Lee Blair [banjo] Wilbert Kirk [drums]
Songs: Panama Rag, Lotus Blossom, Madagascar

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JCCD-3072: Rare Cuts - Well Done Vol. 3 -
Paul Barbarin/Wilbur DeParis


For its third volume of rare cuts, the Jazz Crusade label has selected two sessions recorded in New York. First is the Paul Barbarin Band in New York in December of 1954. Drummer Barbarin was a veteran of groups headed by King Oliver and Louis Armstrong. Joining him is consummate banjo player (and Barbarin's nephew) Danny Barker. This is jazz as it was played in the early days, not the popular fluff that had a rise in popularity during this period. Barbarin shows why he was in demand by traditional jazz players on such tracks as "Gettysburg March," which he kicks off. His percussive work sets the pace as he drives the group, as well as timely drum breaks on such tunes as "Li'1 Liza Jane." This tune is a regular stomping session, New Orleans-style. Willie Humphrey on clarinet and vocals, along with John Brunious on trumpet and Bobby Thomas on trombone, help make it happen.
The second is the Wilbur DeParis Rampart Street Ramblers. The validity of their New Orleans style is authenticated by the Creole-tinged clarinet of Omer Simeon. The trumpet player, Sidney DeParis, leaves no doubt he could handle the horn with aplomb. There are a couple of fluffs here and there, but they don't detract one iota from the majesty of the playing. Good sound for both sessions. Volume three of this fine series is recommended.
- Dave Nathan

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