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JCCD-3044: Traditional Jazz Around the World-Vol. 3:
U.S.A. - Brazil - France

Personnel: Ted Thomas, Joao Francisco Missali, Dan Vernettes [tp], Ron Going, Felippe Dias, Boss Queraud [cl], Jim Leigh, Rodrigo Poletto Couto, Freddy Legendre [tb], Vic Loring Aparecido Simielli Jr, Siphan Upraven [bn], Alexandre Hage Goncalves, Pierr Jean [pn], Mike Fay, Alexandre Jose de Abreu, Yves Buffetrille [sb], Bert Thompson, Alexandre Pereira, Emile Martyn

Songs: Alexander's Ragtime Band, Ponchartrain, Sing On, I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore, Apple Blossom Time, Careless Love, Old Gray Bonnet, Brazilian Blues, Girl of My Dreams, Jazz Creole Samba, High Society, If Only I Had Time, It's Jam Up, I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen, Wolverine Blues.

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JCCD-3044: Traditional Jazz Around the World-Vol. 3:
U.S.A. - Brazil - France

Jazz Journal - British

Gremoli is a well-organized subtle little band with a nice springy rhythm provided by a rhythm section which in no way typifies the traditional Californian tub-ridden approach, although Tony Thomas fine-toned cornet is definitely in the local manner. The musicians understand their idiom and give it flavor of their own, taking equally from classic and laterday New Orleans sources, which saves their music from being a mere echo of earlier exemplars of those styles. In this survey of traditional jazz from widely spaced locations, I would definitely place this in pole position.
The Brazilian group is much less refined, with a dominant trombonist who emulates the more agricultural aspects of Kid Ory's approach. Collectively, they show much enthusiasm and manage to generate a good deal of excitement.
The Vintage Jazzmen feature the mandatory reedy French clarinettist along with a trumpet leader with a thin tone but they do manage to make a rather appealing collective sound and their rhythm section is excellent, sparked by the younger Martyn who adds a touch of British experise to this international venture.
Although none of these bands sets the world on fire, they do show that traditional jazz is in capable and not entirely eclectic hands at the grass root level. And Gremoli definitely exposure to a wider public.
- Christopher Hillman

Cadence Magazine - U.S.A.

JCCD-3044: Traditional Jazz Around the World Vol.3
Trombonist-producer-label owner Big Bill Bissonnette loves mouldy New Orleans jazz, an idiom where the joyful spirit is more significent than having flawless musicianship. In his "TJ Around the World series, he splits CDs between three different obscure traditional bands. Vol. 3 features Gremoli from the U.S., Brazil's New Orleans Jass Band and Frances Vintage Jazzmen. Style-wise there is not a great deal of difference between the groups even though they are each from a very different geographical area.
Gremoli has has a solid and swinging rhythm section along with a front line that works well together. The strong points of the Brazilian band are trombone player Rodrigo Poletto Couto [who is quite assertive in his playing] and the rhythmic power of Alexandre Jose de Abreau when he plays tuba. The French band always seems to come out ahead. The music is certainly fun if not perfect and fans of 1960s revival New Orleans jazz and the George Lewis band in general will find these performances worth savoring.
- Scott Yanow

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