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JCCD-3022: Chris! - The Chris Blount New Orleans Jazz Band

Personnel:  Chris Blount [cl], Derek Winters [tp], Ron Radford [tb], Barry Grummett [pn], Tony Peatman [bn], Harry Slater [sbs], Steve Upton [dm]

Songs:  Fidgety Feet, South, When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano, One Sweet Letter from You, Ballin' the Jack, Careless Love, Don't Give Up the Ship, Because of You, My Darling Nellie Grey, Say Si Si, Storyville Blues, You Always Hurt the One You Love, Someday Sweetheart, Old Fashion Love, Love Nest.

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JCCD-3022: Chris! - The Chris Blount New Orleans Jazz Band

Cadence Magazine - U. S. A.

The late Blount and his mates play faithful, spirited, and entertaining trad Jazz. On record I still wonder - although this disc sounds great - why anyone would want this sort of thing instead of spinning the old Sidney and Jelly Roll discs one more time, but these groupings must have been a gas to see in person. Blount has an extremely strong tone on clarinet and is something of a Lewisian player. He and the various trombonists (especially the mar-velously tailgating Vickers) intertwine their lines effectively. Blount tends to favor the clarinet's upper register (with not a few notable exceptions; see "Salutation March") and so sounds also something like Bechet before Sidney made his dalliance with the soprano saxophone permanent. All this disc is fun, as it is meant to be, without any special standouts or clunkers. Blount will be missed.
- Robert Spencer

Jazz Gazette - Belgium

Although ihis band is completely British, they also sound completely New Orleans. While I was playing this CD several limes in order to review properly, I found out that my Appreciation became stronger and deeper with each playing and that I used the fact that 1 had 10 review it as an excuse to play it once more . . just for the pleasure of it. Chris Bloum is an unconditional admirer of George lewis and this is reflected in his playing. Unlike some other Lewis disciples, Chris doesn't slick 10 the great man's repertoire, Chris has mastered the style of his model completely, adding his personal touches as well. Great tone too, especially in the lower register.
What makes this music genuine New Orleans jazz is that wonderful combination of sweet and hoi. 1 was particularly thrilled by the interplay between Chns and trombonist Ron Radford. Take for instance "Because of You:" the trombone is simply playing the nice melody while the clarinet weaves beautiful variations around it. I love Derek Winters warm trumpet tone. His solos are are always interesting without any pyrotechnics. My personal favorites on this record are: "The Swallows," "Because of You," 'Nellie Grey," Careless love" and the wonderfully sweet rendition of "Someday Sweet heart.'
The liner notes tell us that Chris has never been to New Orleans. Well all I can say is that he should have gone there in the good old days for his own pleasure. . . but he surely didn't NEED to go; New Orleans came to him and lives in his heart.
- Marcel Joly

Richard Bourcier - jazz critic

The late Chris Blount was a follower of George Lewis and many of his recordings include pop-tunes that his idol had firmly molded into the New Orleans style. This CD offers fifteen fine pieces from a 1996 session at the Grosvenor Hotel in Nottingham, England. One song, Darling Nellie Gray, dates to 1856, the year Verdi's La Traviata premiered in New York. Jazz standards are not forgotten the album includes Storyville Blues, Careless Love, South, Fidgety Feet and the Bunk Johnson favorite, One Sweet Letter From You. Blount's treatment of Love Nest is one of the finest I've ever heard. Otto Harbach's 1920 hit gets some truly sympathetic improvisation by Blount and trumpeter Derek Winters. It's also a chance to hear the fabulous rhythm section on this recording. Four players, Barry Grummet, Tony Peatman, Harry Slater and Steve Upton operate as a "unit" and it rocks. Big Bill Bissonnette had a similar impression and mentions it in his liner notes.
This Jazz Crusade release showcases a good jazz band at the peak of their popularity. Additional tunes by this and other Chris Blount units can be heard on Goin' Home: A Fond Farewell To Chris Blount on the same label. Blount's music will not be forgotten. Pianist Barry Grummet continues to perform with his "Blount Band" and the clarinet chair is occupied by the capable George Berry.
- Richard Bourcier

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