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JCCD-3017: Big Bill Bissonnette & the Easy Riders Jazz Band -
I Believe I Hear that Trambone Moan

Personnel:  Big Bill Bissonnette [tb], Paul Boehmke [cl, tsx], Bill Sinclair or Bob Shallue [pn], Jim 'Tut' Tutunjian [sbs], Bob Lasprogato [dm]

Songs:  Bugle Call Rag, Dallas Blues, Tie Me to Your Apron Strings Again, In the Upper Garden, Girl of My Dreams, Chicago Rhythm, On A Coconut Island, That's A Plenty, Dead Man Blues, Isabella, Deed I Do, Beale Street Blues, Honeysuckle Rose, Wall Street Wail, What Am I Living For?

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JCCD-3017: Big Bill Bissonnette & the Easy Riders Jazz Band -
I Believe I Hear that Trambone Moan

All Music Guide—U. S. Jazz Encyclopedia

Big Bill Bissonnette, a trombonist greatly influenced by Jim Robinson and a crusader for New Orleans revival jazz during the 1960's, had been out of music for a decade when he put together a new version of his Easy Riders Jazz Band in the mid-1980's. He has since returned to playing fulltime and his Jazz Crusade label has been quite successful at documenting his favorite type of mouldy jazz. Bissonnette would never claim to be a virtuoso (he sounds quite rough on "What Am I Living For?") but he has a lot of feeling in his playing and his sense of rhythm is strong. His partner in the frontline of this quintet is a real powerhouse, Paul Boehmke. Some of the tempoes on this set are killers but Boehmke (whether on his 1920's style clarinet or romping tenor) has no trouble playing heated doubletime lines. With either Bill Sinclair or Bob Shallue on piano, bassist Jim Tutunjian (who takes several enjoyable slap bass solos) and drummer Bob Lasprogato, this is a fun date and one never misses the trumpet. Oh there are mistakes, occasional missteps and out-of-tune sections (the spontaneous music is comprised entirely of first takes) and some of the musician vocals are unnecessary, but the drive of the band, especially on the uptempo tunes such as a blistering "Bugle Call Rag," "Girl Of My Dreams" and "Chicago Rhythm" (to name three), is quite memorable. Recommended to New Orleans revival collectors.
- Scott Yanow

Jazz Times - New Zealand

JCCD-3017 'Big Bill Bissonnette The Easy Riders Jazz Band1 with fifteen tracks on offer that include a couple of numbers I haven't heard previously, namely, 'Isabella' and 'Tie me to your apron strings again' (when you reach my age, that's the last thing you'd want! Ed.,).The line up reflects new and old band members and whilst I still think that the early 60's Easy Riders had that special 'N.O. Dance Hall Sound', nevertheless, the contemporary Easy Riders offer good listening despite being some twenty years after the original. Music is like language, it grows and develops along many different lines and this disc is no exception.The slower numbers are played well and especially the ones with piano intro's, the blues are a challenge to play with conviction. Items 3-6-12-15 are somewhat reminiscent of the twenties arrangements of fast and furious music for the masses. The old 'warhorse' That's a plenty' is played with a good deal of restraint and the tempo sets the mood for serious listening. On many recordings, this number is almost always, a high speed demonstration of musical ability, or should that read, a demonstration of music, played at high speed?
The inclusion of two Kid Thomas 'regulars' is sufficient to sell the record to me at any rate. 'Coconut Island' and 'What am I living for?' are played well. 'Girl of my dreams' brings back memories of the 60's Kid Clayton band.
All in all, a satisfying mix of numbers, although I don't like the speed of three of them, the days of playing an entire number into two minutes of shellac are over and a little more restraint would have produced fifteen well played titles, rather than twelve, however, that is an opinion and is open to different interpretation by others.
- Terry Offord

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